Witness Americana

Houston, TX – On January 27th, 2018 at the EaDo Workspaces mixed­-media artist, BBQTacos, will host his first public solo art exhibition; Americana. This series of prints and painting brings the artist’s childhood curiosity right up to the complex face of the American spirit. One can expect this display to present adult adaptations of youthful imagery and is, according to artist, “examining the principles that purportedly underlie the United States.”

As the child of a civil­ rights activist with a PHD in sociology, BBQTacos’ developed an early awareness of class and race that can be seen throughout this collection of works that critiques the implementation of American ideals. This childhood awareness sparked a lifelong curiosity about American culture. This exhibition attempts to seek out answers to questions that plagued him as a kid and he hopes to share that journey through the experience that is Americana. By mixing pop culture and cartoonish imagery into his works, BBQTacos shares that same childhood awareness and curiosity with his audience. The works of Americana asks, “what does it mean to be an American?”

A native Houstonian, BBQTacos’ first exposure to social commentary mixed with art was in the fourth grade when he noticed political cartoons in the newspaper.  Although he thought he would get in trouble, he began drawing his own political cartoons in his sketchbook for art class. To his surprise his teacher approved. Now 26 years old, BBQTacos is a licensed attorney in the state of Texas that still pursues art with a mindset that is reminiscent of his elementary school self.

Besides the work and presentation of BBQTacos, there will be complimentary beverages and a food truck for all visitors to the exhibition. Join BBQTacos from 5pm to 9pm on January 27th and witness Americana at the EaDo Workspaces on 3420 Rusk St. Houston, Texas. There is no cost and the event is open to all. Come and experience this awakening journey through the mind of BBQTacos.

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