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DVS Soundcheck Volume 2: Jodye Joe

Jodye Joe performing “Jodye Breeze” at the Dizzy Records in Pensacola, FL for DVS Soundcheck. Listen to the full soundcheck here: https://dashgo.co/q9egkr5 Produced by the Dizzy Arts and Dizzy Records.Recorded, mixed and mastered by KluSlimFilmed, edited and directed by KluSlim Read more →

BadGuyTraps releases his second full-length album with Dizzy Records

On June 20th, Dizzy Records releases Waterways, BadGuyTrap’s second, full-length album. The brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Matt Hawkins, BadGuyTraps combines his musical past in progressive rock and a love for hip hop to build driving percussion, powerful bass lines, and moving melodies that carry the listener through a new experience of sonic landscapes. Waterways is an attempt to guide the listener through a… Read more →

KluSlim made a bad beat…

The king of pop lives on with KluSlim’s latest single. Paying tribute to one of the most classic voices of contemporary music while delivering relaxing beats that get the feet tapping and the body moving. The most popular artists in the electronic music breathe fresh life into past sounds that authentic audiences love. “Beat Bad” commemorates pop’s marriage with electronic… Read more →