KluLess Volume 2

Join us Sunday, August 1st 2021 at Rodeo Rock Pensacola (3810 West Navy Blvd) for KluLess Volume Two. Expect an evening of music, art, fun, and maybe a little bit of magik. Featuring a powerful lineup of talented artists from the Gulf Coast, this party brings hiphop, soul, punk, R&B, and hardcore under one roof.
Kuh-Lee-Uh combines her unique lyrics and vocal style with classic soul and modern R&B energies, Bones melts your face (and heart) with fast-paced, thrashing hardcore, and MyBrothaVan brings his party to the stage with bass blasting hip-hop. Alongside the musical acts, Pattysauces will be displaying his artwork and painting live, KluSlim will be hosting the night, Magical Journeys will have enchantments and goods for sale and DJ Slim (Big Lo, Skratch-Aholix, Unnatural Soundz) will keep the bodies moving between performances.

$10 at the door ($15 for under 21)
Doors at 6pm. Show starts at 7pm.
Facebook Event Link

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