djbobfish is a longtime DJ and producer from South Georgia. Currently based out of Athens, GA, he often works with Volumes Hip-Hop, G-Wub, and Dizzy Records. Originally starting out as a hip-hop producer under the name of Bobby Trill, he quickly gained local credibility among rappers in Statesboro, GA. After making a move to Athens, GA to pursue his undergraduate degree, Bobby Trill strived to delve deeper into the underground bass music scenes, and soon Bobby Trill was rebranded into djbobfish. He quickly became the first pick to DJ hip-hop shows in Athens, and has since worked closely with Volumes Hip-Hop. During his early days as djbobfish, he began to hone his bass music productions and DJ sets, gaining recognition from the Atlanta-based underground bass music label, G-Wub, and soon after, Pensacola-based music label, Dizzy Records. Having supported for acts such as DJs from Mars and SLZRD, djbobfish hopes to help share the spotlight with his DJ peers, frequently helping organizing local underground bass music events. You can find djbobfish where-ever the bass is loudest.

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