Dizzy Arts #11

Dizzy Arts presents Dizzy Arts Party 11, which will be a citywide attraction that spans three locations in Baton Rouge. The event will be kicking off August 1st, 2015 at downtown Baton Rouge’s Chelsea’s Cafe on Perkins Rd. from 7:00‐10:00pm, continue to Atomic Pop Shop on Government St from 10:00-12:00pm, and end at the Spanish Moon on Highland Rd. from 12:00‐2:00am.

Producer Adam Carrillo (KluSlim) and Artist Davy Goldsmith once again challenge the city’s talented
artists to show their best in a gallery of the senses spanning art, music and fashion.

What makes you dizzy? These guys probably have it here.

Upon entering a venue that has been taken over by Dizzy, you may look to the left and see a stage with a local band playing original songs. Looking right, you may see an extensive exhibit of artwork with their creators standing by and holding court with a crowd of admirers as they discuss their work. Later, a full fashion show reveals a catwalk of beauty and tests locally made elegance. The clothing designers share drinks nearby and network their business.

“Adam and I are very proud of the amazing group of people we’ve been able to bring together through our events, ” Davy explained. “I love how our vision has grown with the support of the amazing people of Baton Rouge.”

This will be the first citywide Dizzy Arts Party in Baton Rouge. Proudly featuring Louisiana bred artists such as indie rock group Ship of Fools, live painter David Losavio and clothing designs from Rachel Detloff.

Davy and Adam have organized, networked, and produced these parties for years across Baton Rouge. They are LSU graduates who have long had a passion for helping local artists thrive.

Most importantly, these events serve as a platform for artists to get exposure for their work, gain new admirers, and get old patrons all involved on the process of celebrating local talent.

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