DVS TV Episode 4.5: The DFO Takeover

DFO comes to town from Baton Rouge, LA for a very special, and super meta episode. Featuring a world premiere of their newest song and live commentary over clips from their never-before-seen socially-distanced Skype interview. Enjoy a quick dive into KluSlim’s production history, some music from DFO and BadGuyTraps, and general shenanigans. Read more →

DVS TV Episode IV: State of the Union

The boys are back with a green screen. Nathan gives a quick state of the union address, the boys struggle to manage the camera angles, unreleased music is previewed, and they watch a few clips from interviews featuring hip hop artist Jodye Joe, the SoundCloud rap group Broke Florida Boys and the multi-talented DJ & action figure photographer 850SithLord. Read more →

DVS TV Episode 3: 2020 Was A Disaster With Guest Host djbobfish

Streamed live at twitch.tv/thedizzyarts on December 31st, 2020. A disastrous New Years Eve episode featuring guest host djbobfish. The terrors of 2020 continue right up until the end. The boys lose power, experience the suffering of slow internet, play some music, talk about art, and watch some interviews featuring Pensacola, Florida based graffiti artist pattysauces and New York, New York… Read more →