Alabaster Stag performing live at the Tin Roof Tap Room

Join us for at a viewing party during a live audio/video recording of Alabaster Stag! (Wow so much fun!) The side patio will later feature Robert Keiton Smith and Less Talking!

91.1 KLSU FM is participating for the first day of the KLSU annual fundraiser, and part of your door fee ($5, 18+) goes to support them! (So cool!) Jive Flamingo will be present as well so you can learn more about the music and cultural scene around you! (Oh goodness!)

We can’t wait to record this super group. Thanks so much to Tin Roof Brewing Company! You’ll be able to see everything from the bar area so come hang out, enjoy good music, support KLSU, and grab a brew (if you’re 21+ of course).

Facebook Event Link

Here is the final video of hometown heroes Alabaster Stag’s unique performance in the Tin Roof Brewing Tap Room.

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